Compare International SIM Cards

As many of you will know, using your cell phone overseas can be hugely expensive. As a savvy traveller, you will know how much a local SIM card or international travel SIM card can save you, which is probably the reason why you're here.

Using our international SIM card comparison tools, you will soon discover exactly how much money you can save when talking abroad. Our comparison matrix compares SIM card providers with the best inbound and outbound call rates per minute from every country in the world. That's a total combination of 16,777,216 possible call rates.

Our comparison data contains each SIM providers' rates for incoming calls per minute, outgoing calls per minute, SMS rates per messages, cost of SIM card, any free credit on SIM card as well as other useful features.

Of course, all you physically need to benefit from these great rates is an unlocked GSM phone; Input the SIM card (chip) and start talking.

Using the dropdown lists above, select the country you are traveling to and the countries you're most likely to call while you're there. Let our comparison engine do the rest for you.